Tuesday, March 23, 2010

what wealth will love be left with when robbed its pain.

Sanchali Singh wrote on March 23: The lovers show the intensity of their abandonment to an overmastering will. "They see only themselves in the universe." That is the true moral of their fate. But, even under the direst calamity, they catch at the one joy which is left--the short meeting before the parting. And what a parting it is! Here again comes the triumph of the beautiful over the merely tragic. They are once more calm. There love again breathes of all the sweet sights and sounds in a world of beauty. They are parting, but the almost happy Juliet says:

It is not yet near day--
Believe me, love, it was the nightingale.

Romeo, who sees the danger of delay, is not deceived:

harcharan bains wrote march 23:
Yes, It is the lark, the herald of day ! It always is. And thank God for that, for what wealth will be love's sustenance when robbed of its pain. Read the post below! what coincidence ! -- although , to be honest, it was written many months ago.

March 23:

hit and run, and snipe and slink before the someone has time to recover and react . excellent warfare.

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