Saturday, March 27, 2010

A good advisor must eliminate the need for his advice

A successful leader can be judged by the number of advisors he can do without and a successful advisor by the degree to which he renders himself redundant . The latter's advice must always be so good that the leader has no further use for him. The number of unemployed persons a leader keeps as his advisors is generally a sign only of his magnanimity towards those loya to him.But the trouble with leaders is that they allow their aides to strut as advisors; the trouble with advisors is that they mistake this magnanimity as proof of their own indispensability. A good advisor must eliminate the need for his advice, and a good leader must make all his mistakes appear to the result of wrong advice. An adviosr must understand his role as an intellectual bullet proof jacket for his leader.

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karan said...

Liked your comment and has depth in its writing.....was smiling at your recent article in the papers too....wonder how you get time..Oh! it is called redundancy an act bought about by "good advice"

- Karan Deep Singh Suri