Wednesday, May 13, 2015


In short, parade heroes , not heroics, to motivate other people to turn heroes. .
And parade villainy, not villains, to help people find what they should not be doing.
Unfortunately, in an age of television, villains draw crowds while no one cares to remember their villainy beyond 15 seconds of 'Breaking News."

I would often find  myself behaving as if God had sent me on this planet only  to prepare  and submit  detailed character certificates of fellow earthlings  -  as many as I could, working 24/7 X 365, every year of my life.

Fortunately, my mother - who had never described anyone as 'bad' - made the job easier for me. This was her advice to me - and I have generally tried to follow  it in letter and spirit :

When talking about the mistakes,shortcoming or sins of someone, remember that you are required   to talk only about the specific mistake, the specific shortcoming or the specific sin of the person concerned, and not about the person at all -  making him/her feel that the action was a mere exception to his  normal ways.

  But when you are to talk  about achievements,  strengths and virtues of someone, go the other round, and talk more about the person behind such a good deed - making him/her feel this is the way he is always expected to conduct himself.  

When talking about good  deeds,  speak more about the person behind the deed than about the deed itself .

When you have to  talk about some bad action or quality of someone, talk only about the action and the quality.
Be liberal with silence,When you talk about someone's mistakes or sins, talk only about the mistake or the sin - and never about the person.

Talk about things not persons   when discussing evil in this world. But good  things that happen, bring the person behind it to be garlanded with your words on the stage.
This is because this world  has more to gain  by the example of heroes than  it has less to lose by not knowing about villains. People behind good deeds inspire other people while its not  villains but their villainy which other people can learn from

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Wasn't that man from Nazareth a dream too?

I chase dreams as much they chase me. They do not let me sleep and I do not let them rest.. Occasionally, one of us gets tired, irritated,impatient and even at times rude to the other.On such occasions, we take leave of each other for a few hours, only to return with smiles,hugs and kisses.
It has gone on for several decades.I am only praying that it may go on for a few more - as long as I have eyes which I only have to close for dreams to open theirs.

Let me tell you this:  in God's wide world,there is no romance higher  than  dreams and I are enacting.  But when I close my eyes to dreams, something else in me gets to work to give them garments of true cotton from my farms.

No matter how royal they are, my dreams,love to dress simple and behave humble.The only people we  -  me and dreams - are ever cross with are each other. But that;s only because they keep teasing me for my laziness and I keep telling them to lower their grandstand.

Meanwhile, I am also looking at archives to meet some of the greatest dreamers in the world-  an exercise no less fantastic than dreaming. If I give some names here now, there will be crowds launched from several directions to lynch me. But even before they reach  me,they would be eager to lynch my dreams. They ,the dreams, are the real enemy these crusading armies hate and want to crucify

After all,wasn't that man from Nazareth a dream too?.

I frolic with dreams day and night

I frolic with dreams day and night. They are my romantic bosom mates. Do not snatch them away from me, nor me from them. We know how to co-exist and to realise each other.
After all,the only reality worth living for is one which resembles dreams -the more the better. .
And please stop smiling archly. You do not know that you do not know.

Those who snigger at dreams will never know what it means to have a dream come true . They have never seen dreams with the seriousness which dream deserve.
For dreams to come true, you only have to believe in them.

To make a dream come true is only to make it visible to others .
People will laugh at you if you say you live in a world of dreams. Enjoy their laughter. Its just the free entertainment you need while you are working hard at dreams .
What appears 'dreamy' to many is merely sky beckoning you to rise to it. And all you do is answer the call.
Do not be cross with people who ridicule your dreams because the same people will turn you into a God once your dreams decide to take on a visible garment.
But do not be carried away by their adoration, either. Forgive them both - the ridiculing and the adoring,for they know what they are now only as much as they knew what they were doing then.
Love them in both cases for that's what they deserve..

Dreams beckon me to frolic with skies

If dreams were reality, then what would be left to beckon me to frolic with playful clouds !

As a matter of fact, I live life in full measure  because I frolic with dreams day and night. They are my romantic bosom mates. Do not snatch them away from me, nor me from them. We know howto realise each other. 

After all,the only reality worth living for is one  which resembles  dreams -the more the better. . 

And please stop smiling archly. You do not know   that you do not know. Those who snigger at dreams will never know what it means to have a dream come true  . They have never seen them with the seriousness they deserve. For dreams to come true, you have to believe in them. You have to believe that they are true already and need only to be made visible to others.  To make a dream come true is only to make others also see what you are seeing, and believe in it. People will laugh at you if you say you live in a world of dreams. But the same people will worship you as God once you have shown that what appeared to them as 'dreamy' was merely sky beckoning you to rise to it. And all you did was to answer that call.
And if you are not serious about your dreams, your dreams will also not be serious about you. None of these will  bother to turn itself into reality for you.

A heart barren of love, asky barrren of stars

No one in this wide can deprive you of the love you carry in your heart; the worst this world or anyone in it can do is deprive itself of your love. In that case, the sky, the sea, the mountains, birds, flowers and animals will flock around you to gratefully and happily share the wondrous gift that was put in your heart to share. .


A heart rendered barren of love ....a dense dark sky rendered barren of stars....

Is there enough evidence to dismiss the paranormal

Do we have  enough evidence to accept or dismiss claims on the paranormal and/or the after-life ? And can we go beyond just "I do " and "I don't." ANd can we have reasons for your belief/disbelief in this regard.??

  • Doc Nirmal Dhallu When I meet someone who has returned after death, I will be able to give reasons.
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  • Harcharan Bains Doc Doc Nirmal Dhallu There must be many other things you believe on the basis of credible research done by other people on others. None has been to space but we do rely on the credible evidence provided to us by people who have been there . My question is not whether or not you have a blind faith in the paranormal. the question is, "Have you done enough study and research on the subject to form and present an honest pinion one or the other?" 

    Let's start again, leaving aside fanatic blind faith and un-scientific cynicism.
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  • Doc Nirmal Dhallu Life after death can neither be proved nor disproved. This is because one would have to undergo physical death in order to prove or disprove it (and by its very nature, disproving it would not be possible).
  • Doc Nirmal Dhallu I have seen some paranormal events with my own eyes for which I am unable to prove by Physics.
  • Saroj Sanwali There is a third element in our life beyond comprehension fully..It is God or Nature or whatever..Some happenings with us or around..No matter how powerful one is,it makes the person very helpless at time and otherwise too...
    Tu Dil Mein To Aata Hai ,Samajh Mein Nahi Aata... Bus Jaan Gaya Main,Teri Pehchan Yehi Hai......
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  • Anju Thakral Makin who are we? where did we come from? is there anyone else out there? In a humongous universe does life only exist here? When all bodily functions are still working including respiration, why do some of us clinically die, what leaves our body when we die? why were we born? why do we die? or love? or hate? why?
  • Harcharan Bains I request again that the mountain of evidence being put forward on favour of paranormal reality may please be made the focus of this discussion. Mere subjective opinions or even beliefs for and against may please be kept out.
  • Harcharan Bains favour of. ...
  • Surinder Dosanj Many thing people or say wise people said not that they believed it but because they knew it that common people will have faith .they said those who do good deeds will again take birth as human beings or otherwise they will take birth as dogs, snakes or keere makore.what do you think that increase in human population is because majority is doing good deeds.
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  • Sarabjit Pandher What was born and what shall die?? The DNA in every cell of your body that forms the core of "life" has survived the entire process of evolution. For millions of years it was just passed on. You shall pass it on too. Every cell of the body with which w...See More
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  • Harcharan Singh no one can provide enough proof in favour or against this complex inquiry , ==== any belief which makes your present life comfortable is the best reply.
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  • Harcharan Bains Surinder Dosanj Any scientific reason for not exploring the possibility of paranormal truths/claims ? And let the arguments for and against be lifted out of personal prejudice/faith. And lets not cater to the grandstand and speak only on the basis of our knowledge of any painstaking research one way or the other. Have we for instance studied and analyzed all the material , claims, instances of "allegedly" real experiences and research done by people with scientific minds under observable and objective conditions? Have studied the subject enough to even form an opinion? Or are our pronouncements based merely on the utterly unscientific premise that "what I or anyone I know hasn't experienced, doesn't exist,"

    Lets talk again.

    Sarabjit Pandher. The immortality and infinite inter- changeablity of energy and matter are scientifically established facts, and no one can argue against the fundamentals of the " Nothing can be destroyed or created in this universe" tenet. By the way, gurbani also says something uncannily similar: jo kichh paaya so eko baar."

    But what we are discussing here is the paranormal possibility of forms retaining "memory" after what is perceived as death of the body. Does an individual survive death carrying memory packets across the almost invisibly thin line that divides life from death, and the normal from the para normal ?.

    And once again please let's share knowledge, not ignorance; opinions, not prejudices.