Sunday, May 10, 2015

Wasn't that man from Nazareth a dream too?

I chase dreams as much they chase me. They do not let me sleep and I do not let them rest.. Occasionally, one of us gets tired, irritated,impatient and even at times rude to the other.On such occasions, we take leave of each other for a few hours, only to return with smiles,hugs and kisses.
It has gone on for several decades.I am only praying that it may go on for a few more - as long as I have eyes which I only have to close for dreams to open theirs.

Let me tell you this:  in God's wide world,there is no romance higher  than  dreams and I are enacting.  But when I close my eyes to dreams, something else in me gets to work to give them garments of true cotton from my farms.

No matter how royal they are, my dreams,love to dress simple and behave humble.The only people we  -  me and dreams - are ever cross with are each other. But that;s only because they keep teasing me for my laziness and I keep telling them to lower their grandstand.

Meanwhile, I am also looking at archives to meet some of the greatest dreamers in the world-  an exercise no less fantastic than dreaming. If I give some names here now, there will be crowds launched from several directions to lynch me. But even before they reach  me,they would be eager to lynch my dreams. They ,the dreams, are the real enemy these crusading armies hate and want to crucify

After all,wasn't that man from Nazareth a dream too?.

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