Sunday, May 10, 2015

Dreams beckon me to frolic with skies

If dreams were reality, then what would be left to beckon me to frolic with playful clouds !

As a matter of fact, I live life in full measure  because I frolic with dreams day and night. They are my romantic bosom mates. Do not snatch them away from me, nor me from them. We know howto realise each other. 

After all,the only reality worth living for is one  which resembles  dreams -the more the better. . 

And please stop smiling archly. You do not know   that you do not know. Those who snigger at dreams will never know what it means to have a dream come true  . They have never seen them with the seriousness they deserve. For dreams to come true, you have to believe in them. You have to believe that they are true already and need only to be made visible to others.  To make a dream come true is only to make others also see what you are seeing, and believe in it. People will laugh at you if you say you live in a world of dreams. But the same people will worship you as God once you have shown that what appeared to them as 'dreamy' was merely sky beckoning you to rise to it. And all you did was to answer that call.
And if you are not serious about your dreams, your dreams will also not be serious about you. None of these will  bother to turn itself into reality for you.

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