Saturday, June 11, 2011

Blisters as poems

" Your happiness has to do entirely with you. Its not a slave to what others do but a fruit of how you receive what they do. The hurt that others cause is their asset; do not hasten to own it because it does not belong to you. You can not escape it but you can transcend it. And the only way to do that is to keep reminding yourself that the greatest treasure that you have is the love that nature put in your heart. No one can rob you of that. No one, except you. Its your thing. Others can test it. But since its precious to you, never let go of it. Its your only gateway to lasting happiness. Everything else will bring you only temporary happiness, temporary glee, pride, triumph or stuff like that. But love alone can give you immortal peace and happiness. Its not a fairy tale I am talking about. Its the voice of naked skin exposed to the desert summer sun and coming out of it. Coming out with some burns and blisters, yes, but treating those burns as souvenirs, those blisetrs as poems, those scars as songs of love in my heart. And if you love enough, forgiveness becomes irrelevant. Once in love, you never have to forgive. But never confuse love with a need for a relationship. Free it from the need for reciprocity. Love faces as you love flowers - free of the need to see them loving you back. And if you love, you will go beyond being judgmental. That alone will solve a lot of things. Hard, yes, but, if you try over a period of time, you will find yourself smiling at the universe and its people, including yourself. Not tomorrow, but the next moment -- liberate yourself from the bondage of hurt . Liberate yourself from bondage of expectations. And never feel that you are doing to be good to others. You are doing to be good to yourself. The rest will follow. Let your love be a sovereign in this the world. Love the world regardless of the world. Don't give the world an option: force it to be loved.".......

Never stop spreading your love : you will never run out of it. And whenever you forgive someone, think hard: may be it is you who needed forgiveness more than the person you think you are forgiving.

Friday, June 3, 2011

If God is not here, he is nowhere...

I don't expect to stand in the presence of some external God if I don't stand thee already every moment now in myself and in others and in everything... I do not fall to the fallacy of calling everything God and yet believing that God must be distinct from everything....Quite frankly, I have no belief in God as an external living patriarachical figure. If there is God -- and there could be -- he can't be hiding away in some corner of the sky. If I don't see godliness everywhere, I won't see it anywhere. Kudrat sarab akaar...

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Need to transcend reciprocity

I am not talking about a stage below love requited but above and beyond it. On the desire to have our love requited, who can disagree with you -- even saints want their God to respond. But comes a stage when you transcend that. But obviously you transcend something only after going it. Only those who experienced the pangs of love unrequited can understand what it means to transcend that pain.The need to transcend the need for reciprocity in love can be understood only by those who can experience the intensity of loving in the first place.