Friday, October 11, 2013

Won't pity if you didn't notice; won't notice if u focused hard enough: Don't pity: Love

D J: As you come closer to your goal things become tougher thn before.
Not because you now need to put extra effort (no! that has been done),
but because people around you, who did everything to stop, go blindly
crazy watching it!!

SMC If you really had meant to follow your goals with honesty, trust
me you won't even have had the time to notice what others were going
through. If you are still noticing anything except your goal and your
own efforts to get there, then you can be sure you are not focusing
hard enough on your goals.C_O_N_C_E_N_T_R_A_T_E ...HARDER

D J True.. it actually made me feel pity 4 thm.. bt nw ignored cmpletely..

SMC Would not need to pity if you hadn't noticed. Wouldn't have
noticed had you just focused hard enough. Don't do it out of spite. Do
it because work demands it. As for others, everyone deserves your
love, and if you are full of it, you wouldn't find their presence a
distraction. Just more work to do, more responsibility - a sacred and
lovable responsibility. But even that won't take your mind away from
your goal. As I always say, work like a pregnant mother-to-be: her
mind is always focused on the child within her, but that doesn't stop
her from attending to her far less significant duties. Learn from a
pregnant woman how to focus on just one thing without making an
effort, even without putting other things away, even without refusing
to attend to other work, even while serving meals to her husband's
mother with love. But her mind? Her mind is always, every minute,
every second, focused only on the life that's growing within
her......even when she is lost in the arms of her beloved husband, her
eyes closed in love, her bosom aching with love for him. But her mind
just would not stray away from her child......And never forget, if you
say you are pitying someone, generally you mean you don't give a dman.
Quite often our pity is the way we give expression to our arrogance.
Avoid it. Don't pity: love.

D J That's the magic of those words.. I transform!! Thanks..

SMC  You are honest therefore you are great. You do not transform
because of the magic of these words. You transform because you knew it
already and just needed a reminder...You are quite simply so beautiful
in mind and soul.

DJ:   Sir ji.. itni tareef ke kabil nahin hain hum.. jab hum ho jaenge
tab apko kabhi rokenge nahin..

SMC:  I don not flatter, you know it. I know there are others who
flatter because you are so beautiful. To me that is only one part of
you and that will never stop me from telling you where you go wrong.
But if I admire you, every word comes from the core of my heart. ..
Now, be a good girl and accept the taareef because it is honest and u
deserve it. and you deser e it because u are honest.

D J:  Yes everythg is true n i accept. aftr 26yrs of my life hv
realised it through hard lessons. Ohhhh n i knw U r true to ur evry

 SMC:  Which dishonest girl would have accepted with such grace and
humility that she has been transformed. Thats your courage, and
courage comes from honesty and honesty comes from inner confidence,
because something within u tells you that there is no need for you to
be dishonest. And ll of this makes you so beautiful...ab samajh aya
D J: Bt ur experience n seniority must teach me even more abt d realities..

SMC: My experience ! I am sure you don’t mean serniority etc…
Experience is neither years nor events that one goes through in life.
Experience is what your mind does to what it sees. For that you don’t
need more years. You need more feeling. Budhha had when he was so
young: you will have it if you open your heart’s window and cast your
opinions away and try to love this world as your own child. We will
talk some time later.

SMC: Above all, never be afraid of opinions, except your own. They are
the only ones that inflict damage. Opinions of others are just a
reflection of who they are, not who we are. Be careful not to be
opinionated. Always keep your heart open. Live with your heart. As
Castenada said, what your heart says can not be wrong. If your path
has a heart, its the right path. If it doesn't have, its of no use