Saturday, May 28, 2011

Make your love so unquestioning that the onus of deserving it rests with the person you love

"If you meet indifference or hatred on the way, let your love be so selfless and blissfully unquestioning that the challenge of being worthy of it is with your beloved. But go into this love with eyes wide open; this love is not blind. It sees what it sees and delights in it. If you rush into it blindfold, you will get hurt. You will get hurt because you would have wrong expectations, or you may not know that expectations hang above your love like ghosts. But if you go into it with eyes wide open, it will still get painful at times, but then , that pain would not be humiliating and sharp as the pain of desire in unrequited love is -- and it will be supremely uplifting," she said.

After a pause, she looked at both of them and said, "But let not the worldly-wise attempt this, because love is a loser's bargain when measured in the scales of gain or loss. If you are obsessed with your input-output percentages, keep as far away as possible from this madness -- as the worldly-wise generally do."
As she was speaking, her eyes rolled across to the meadow and settled on a cow blissfully licking the nape of her playful and protesting calf. "Input and output, give and take - this is the language of the fish-market, or at best of relationships," she paused as the calf walked to her and stood between her and her guests. She caressed its velvety white crop above its upper lip as it closed its eyes in a gesture of pure trust. "Love is not the language of those who crave for the joys of being loved -- for the joys of love are the joys of loving, and the joys of loving are the joys of giving. There'll be times when you may confuse love with your need to belong to somenone -- or, more appropriately -- to get someone to belong to you. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this desire to exchange for maintaining a show of being possessed , except that it is just that: a desire to own and possess with a self-deceiving pretense of being possessed. This is a barter. But even in this barter, you might want to see the scales tilted towards you. You will often find yourself spending long hours behind closed doors calculating your inputs into relations, often adversely comparing it with the output. But love has nothing to offer to a calculating mind, for a mind that calculates does so to count its gains. Rarely, if ever, does it consider what it receives. Only those unmindful of loss or gain can truly experience the joys of love. Love, then, - and only then -is God - giving without expectation, freed of the self-gratifying indulgence in pain. Giving not with a doleful voice or a tear in the eye -- imagining oneself to be a sacrificial giver. But giving for the delight of it. There is joy in there, and no self-appeasing pain in seeing oneself as a victim can then disfigure your spirit. A lover is nothing if not a giver and in giving he delights. And if this appears to be 'indiscreet' or 'impractical or bookish or even insane', let this voice of a sage speak to your heart", and she took out a book from her bag and started reading slowly, "The cool, calculating people, careful of appearances, will never fall grievously low, but they will never soar high. Only the deeply sincere can afford to make fools of themselves."

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Prophets and their follwoers

Most prophets have said that they founded their new religions under direct Orders or Will of God Himself." I sometimes wonder if this is their way of saying that they are not to blame for the conduct of their followers.And make no mistake, a creator can not absolve himself of the responsibility about the quality of his creation.

We seem more keen on argumentative squabbles about our prophets or Gurus than on understanding them. We defend our Guru's message of love and peace with a hatred and violence in our minds which negates the very treasure we claim to protect.Our belief that our icons need us to defend them is an affront to their stature.

‎"Differ with an opinion, not with a person, and respect both." --reproducing an old status.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Snippets from facebook: Is morality not a psychopathic obsession

Books and dead men are often worshiped as holy because they are not here to stop the hypocrisy we practise in their name. For example neither Guru Nanak nor Sr Ram are ever likely to come and tell you that its idiocy to parade their names, books or pictures in processions through bazars and streets. Don't we know how upset they would be with what we do in their name?

Is morality not a psychopathic obsession with code at the expense of genuine, straight-from-the-heart goodness.?

The only justification for vulgar display of religiosity is competitive stupidity.This applies as much to processions taken out generally to the inconvenience of 'God's children' as to the use of loud speakers on private-public religious recitations/singing of hymns etc.

In religion, past is often an excuse to avoid the future, and future often an excuse to avoid the present.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Truth is never in danger; your truth is

Truth was never in danger; only your truth was. Had you really been in pursuit of truth, you would have recognised it even when its face resembled your enemy's.

All animals are social, and the only one amongst them who is not is preparing for a nuclear end to everything social.