Wednesday, May 13, 2015


In short, parade heroes , not heroics, to motivate other people to turn heroes. .
And parade villainy, not villains, to help people find what they should not be doing.
Unfortunately, in an age of television, villains draw crowds while no one cares to remember their villainy beyond 15 seconds of 'Breaking News."

I would often find  myself behaving as if God had sent me on this planet only  to prepare  and submit  detailed character certificates of fellow earthlings  -  as many as I could, working 24/7 X 365, every year of my life.

Fortunately, my mother - who had never described anyone as 'bad' - made the job easier for me. This was her advice to me - and I have generally tried to follow  it in letter and spirit :

When talking about the mistakes,shortcoming or sins of someone, remember that you are required   to talk only about the specific mistake, the specific shortcoming or the specific sin of the person concerned, and not about the person at all -  making him/her feel that the action was a mere exception to his  normal ways.

  But when you are to talk  about achievements,  strengths and virtues of someone, go the other round, and talk more about the person behind such a good deed - making him/her feel this is the way he is always expected to conduct himself.  

When talking about good  deeds,  speak more about the person behind the deed than about the deed itself .

When you have to  talk about some bad action or quality of someone, talk only about the action and the quality.
Be liberal with silence,When you talk about someone's mistakes or sins, talk only about the mistake or the sin - and never about the person.

Talk about things not persons   when discussing evil in this world. But good  things that happen, bring the person behind it to be garlanded with your words on the stage.
This is because this world  has more to gain  by the example of heroes than  it has less to lose by not knowing about villains. People behind good deeds inspire other people while its not  villains but their villainy which other people can learn from

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