Sunday, May 10, 2015

Nothing in this world is supernatural..

One of the many words which I find redundant and meaningless in the English language is "supernatural". Whatever exists in " earth and Heaven" , even things beyond the wildest human imagination, can exist only within the laws of nature. There is nothing supernatural or unnatural even about dead men coming back for another innings in a different form on this earth, because, if such things occur at all, they are rendered natural by the very act of their occurrence.
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  • Surinder Dosanj Any event you are unable to understand it or explain it becomes supernatural.
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  • Harcharan Bains Yes, Gurudev, but is is it Supernatural?
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  • Surinder Dosanj We feel we know the natural things. Many things we considered supernatural once we could explain them those do not remain supernatural. We gave the word and people accepted it. If you have some other word and people accept it the word supernatural will become redundant. Try.
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  • Harcharan Bains Gurudev, its not abut the word, as you can see. What is a single neutral word worth, after all? It is about the way we perceive reality and divide it between natural and the supernatural. 

    To my mind,that division is merely a construct of the human

    My humble submission in all this is that there is only one universe - or if there are multiple universes , lets take all of them in and describe the package as one universal package So there is one universal package after all. And whatever exists in it, regardless of whether it is known to us or not, whether we can explain it or not - it still remains a part of the natural phenomenon. Whatever happens, happens only because it could happen any other way, and is therefore a part of nature.Nothing can happen if it is not allowed byt the laws of nature. Even if a dead man walks, he can do so only if there is some law somewhere - may be rarely used by nature - which allows such a phenomenon.

    In that sense, kudrat sarb vichar....

    it is not about the word 'supernatural' but about what we perceive to be supernatural.

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