Sunday, May 10, 2015

Communal madcaps thrive on enemy madcaps in other communities

The real fight in this world is not between warring communities but between friendly fanatics. iTS not between one community and another. It is between madcaps and opportunists in all communities on the one hand and sensitive, liberal and right thinking people in all communities on the other.

,Every communal madcap in one community needs his principal "adversary" in the other community to succeed. It is a classic case of one's success depending on the success of his enemy. These adversaries thrive on each other.A fanatic in one community always thrives on the success of his "sworn enemy" in the other community. If one fails, the other will fail too. For a Saeed to succeed in Pakistan , some Togadia must succeed in India, or they both fail.

A communal madcap will describe only his "enemy" madcap in another community as the true representative and hero of that other communitY And for madcaps in all communities, the true enemy is not a madcap in another community . They are actually parasites on each other as much as they are on the society in which they live. But the true enemy of a madcap are sane humans in all communities , including his own.
Typically, thus,, a Hindu communal madcap will always dub moderate Hindus as "traitors to Sri Ram, Sri Krishan and to the country and , if in India, paid Paki agents and moles of ISI ."

Amazingly, a Muslim communal macap will use identical diction - debunking moderate Muslims as " traitors to the Prophet and Quom" and, if in Pakistan, ""paid Indian agents and moles of RAW "
Just think - how they think alike - and simultaneously
In the beginning, communal madcaps in every community are insane lonely voices. Then, through an uncanny instinct, they discover or invent a rival in the other community and paint him as a " a proof of the hatred and evil designs of the enemy community.

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