Sunday, March 7, 2010

Those who perish by love are the only ones who shall llive by it

Paradox number umpteen: Those who die by love are the only ones who live by it; death is the first step towards love. "Pehle maran kabool kar/ Jeevan ki chhad aas."

It is impossible to keep "not loving" and yet hope to experience the full, uplifiting glow of love. The sacrifice that love demands -- the sacrifice of 'self'-- is at once the easiest and the toughest path to choose. And yet everyone who loves finds no difficulty in choosing it.
But my dearest, do remember that desire and love are not the same, though both demand sacrifice on different paths. But the sacrifice that love begs of you is the sacrifice of that which is the source of all that is not love.
I am love, and the only language God knows is me -- "Bhakhiya bhav apaar" (Limitless love is His language- Japuji Sahib.) When you talk to me, the whole universe listens. When I speak to you, the heart of this universe beats a little faster and louder as it surges forth to express God. If you do not see God in me, you will never see Him anywhere. Sare-pa ishq hoon, kaayenaat ki zubaan hoon,; baansuri ke honth par hoon ik soz, ik sangeet, bansuri ke dil main hoon main dil-e-yazdaan tamaam.. jo sun rahi thi aaj tak tu, woh koi tha taraana-e- bood-o-hast, woh main hi tha, bus main he hoon ... to ab utth chall ho le mere naal ni life again, discover the joys of living again, discover love again . In simple words, re-discover yourself. Again. And again. Though there is nothing to discover, there is a whole lot of experience to find and live the newness of the news . And what I said about "be-hijaabi before God" is indeed the experience of revelation that overwhelms. I am overwhelmed even as I overwhelm. And you are doing the same too. We are on the way, and trust that the goal is as much within you and me and us, as it is within others who seek it no one knows where. Turn the face of the mirror. That will help, but you will need to keep your eyes focused there, not looking away if you see some ugliness. Look closely; ugliness is the nature's refusal to confom to our limited ways of exeriencing the joys of beauty.Once there, you and I and us will find no such thing as ugliness. Only our failure -- or our reluctance- to experience the full and awesome impact of love will block our vision of beauty. Wake up, love is abroad.
In the mind of every lover rings an echo the moment he/she experiences the first flames of love in their hearts. And he echo sings a song that was first heard by the Indian mystics in the vast plains that stretch between the mighty river and the endless forests. The echo sang: I am the only saint-soldier of love ever born... I am the Prophet who bespeaks the soul of love from the Cross, I am the only way God ever invented to get himself expressed fully in human truth and that wasy is the language of God-intoxicated and love-intoxicated ( which is the same) I am the only Prophet of Love, so are you. So is everyone who lives by love.

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