Monday, July 30, 2012

HAZEL: “A prayer is not an argument”

1.  Love guru: It matters not who you love, where you love, why you love, when you love or how you love. It matters only that you love. John Lennon:..........  Na sanam koi khuda koi na koi dil ruba /phir bhi dil main ik munnawar Ishq ka paigham hai /  Na tammana hai sile ki, na sitam ka khauf hai/ Phir bhi har chehra munnawar, har sada  hai

“a prayer is not an argument”
A prayer is a song addressed  to oneself ... There is no entity I pray to, though to amuse myself, I may create a construct and call it my beloved or God. But prayer has nothing to do with anyone except me. A prayer is an answer in itself. Why confuse it with a demand, no matter how humbly we word it ! A demand is at the end of the day only a demand, no matter how humble. A prayer is at the end of the day nothing but a prayer, no matter how proud. ( Yes, a prayer can even be a complaint; it often is ! Mohe na visaaro, main jan tera.. This is expressed to no one in particular. Its a lyric, an outcry of unfulfilment, a yearning for fulfilment...There is no God here save the one one's fulfillment ; it is self contained. ) Humility of a demand is a method; humility of a prayer is an attitude. A prayer seeks nothing except to be accepted as a song of gratitude and love. Gagan Main Thaal Ravi Chand Bane taarika ... is a prayer. "Give me and my children food and shelter and save us from danger and poverty and disease" is a demand. ....."Kaisie aarti hoye bhavkhandana teri aarti, anaht sabad vaajant bheri.... A prayer a song in wonderment and ecstasy.... Yes, of course we have a right to demand. But then, thats a demand, not a prayer. But prayer at least to me is nothing but an opportunity to express the love that I find hard to contain within me, a love that is always overflowing across the bounds of my being. A prayer is a love song at  its highest peak of bliss and ka vishvaas kamzor ho na

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Anonymous said...

Mohe na visaaro, main jan tera....naheen eh kivain koi complaint hoie, eh tan ik tarla hai....minnat kisse tarah oh sun sakda hove...mohe na visaaro..mohe na visaaro..