Monday, July 30, 2012

HAZEL: Blinkers, narrow lanes:There is an arrogant judge sitting somewhere at the back of my mind

......and she said, " Stop looking at life, at things, at men, women and children with the arrogance of a judge...One day, it might "happen" to you that the first step towards knowing and enjoying life in all its naked glory is to stop looking it at it all. Then, that day, that moment, you will find yourself breaking into a song of high romance , unknown , unheard but experienced by your soul in silence , all your life.  The winds will speak to you:" There is arrogance that I must side-step at every turn  if I am to be one with the body and spirit of life and universe. I feel with greater and greater intensity that I have laid waste practically all my life in the pulpits, seized by a mad desire to pass judgments. What arrogance !  Why does this madness t judge possess me like a demon. Why can't I get rid of it?  That arrogant judge  residing somewhere at the back of my mind and directing me all the time to "assess", "evaluate", "grade" or "judge" others -- men, women, even children and things by how they look, how they behave, their  intelligence, sentiments, wisdom, innocence, smartness, honesty, love (Gosh! even Love!!) their beliefs, opinions etc. This judge wears  blinkers, pretending fairness and impartial view. Are these the blinkers of arrogance, and of prejudice?  Are they not what blinkers are? --- blocking  a whole universe to see a narrow lane, and pretend that that is the whole universe. Blinkers are about more than narrow lanes -- a proclamation of Godliness.  This blocks a vision of  naked  innocence of life and people. These blinkers have kept me from falling and staying  in love. There is  narrow lane of desire which I proclaim Love's High Road."

" But may be , I will one day at least peep a little vaguely through these blinkers.  I might  see a boundless landscape of unspeakable , breath-taking size and beauty-  a stunning vision of myriads of shades and images in stillness and motion. O the thought ! My heart is about to burst with love at the very thought of such stunning magnificence. My eyes are tired and moist. They can not bear light. They can not bear  what Light reveals....they can not look  even for a few seconds on anything beyond the narrow lane for fear that they fear they would lose the way. They love the way and are scared of the landscape.... But even a split-second apperture leaves billions upon billions of rapidly shifting images --all in  memory's kingdom, in  a moment that someone once called moment of life "recollected in tranquility." ....................

.....Paraphrased from a dialogue between and a mother and her son in "Hazel" lllll

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