Monday, July 30, 2012

HAZEL: "The fragrance and substance of woman

    The fragrance and substance of woman has different scents and meanings at different ages, and at any age, this fragrance and this substance are the essence of all that is beautiful and meaningful in life. She alone lends elegance, beauty and romance to the power and depth of man. Without her, man is no more than a uni-dimensional and drab construct, no matter how perfect. Woman is to this life what fragrance is to garden . Above woman, only God -- and by that I mean the All Pervasive Spirit of Universe. The most revolutionary line in the famous Guru Nanak hymn to womanhood is also the least noticed (on purpose??) : "Nanak Bhandey baahira, eko saacha soi.." ( Says Nanak: Outside woman, just one thing: Almighty Truth.")

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