Friday, June 13, 2014

There is only one thing more humbling than love unrequited: it is hatred unrequited.

"Once we have taken care of the needs of survival, most of our wounds are the inverted image of a secret self-pity."

It is not that i do not believe in God. It is just that I find it hard to pretend that I know enough about God and His presence to believe in him. Right now, I play it safe, believing in all that God is meant to stand for, and avoiding all  that Godmen find fit to fall for. If I were to meet God - He Himself -  on some lonely street tomorrow morning, I would wink at Him to let Him know that his trick of forcing me to believe in Him without being allowed to know Him did not pay off. The only problem I have with religious people is that I can not insult God as they do, making him answer all their prayers, fit all their descriptions and forced always to fight on their side. My God would allow me to live without Him and still be worthy of Him and His love. My God is not like silly jealous woman or a sillier jealous man. God and I have always behaved like a sensible modern couple, allowing each other space and respecting each other's privacy.

Between not being loved by the one you love and not being hated by the one you hate, which one would leave you more embarrassed? Which one would you rather not have? An answer to this can open many a lock over our happiness.


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