Saturday, June 21, 2014

Sandwiched or Landmark Generation ? (HAZEL)

People of my generation really have a lot to introspect on. We are sandwiched between two excellent generations: the one that went before us had great values and the one that follows us has great talent. We could but did not learn enough on values from our elders; and we want to but can't give enough wisdom to our children.

And look at it this way. People of my age - or thereabout - could well have been a landmark generation. They had the twin advantage of being preceded by men and women of immense sublime values and succeeded by a generation of unspeakably great talent. Here was a chance to give mankind a rare mix of great values and great worth, an ideal balance of emotional wealth and intellectual and material advancement. A chance indeed for producing something surpassing Nietzsche's Superman - something that the waves of human race were struggling to embrace. What an opportunity missed! Or have I spoken too soon ?

There is only thing I have in me to teach the younger generation: admission of failure. As an elder I have this to say to children. ""For generations, we have been teaching you. It is your turn to teach us now., because looking at the way the world is, we don't seem to have done a really great job of teaching our children. Teach your elders. Be kind. Don't be like them; do not disrespect them. Teach them where you think they need to be taught.Teach us a new method of teaching."
Its time to take classes with our children; they have a lot in them to teach us. If possible, help them realize this.

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