Thursday, June 26, 2014

Generation recovering from morality mistaken for religion: you're lucky n brave to cast d burden away away while others carry it as a trophy..

Are we a generation recovering from morality mistaken for religion, because religion has no meaning for us except as an excuse for tribal vanity ? Have we ruined morality too by taking away from it the only rationale - common sense - that could give it legitimacy, replacing it with something dark and outdated, because we know that the dictates of morality as we want it would not stand the test of common sense and reason?

And are we sure that we have not confused moral ghettoes with religion? When we repeatedly refer only to a certain script(ure) as God's word, is this mode of conduct religious or just tribaligious?

Has God, the Almighty ever mattered to us more than the dictates of our spiritual and moral ghettoes?

How many have died for denying God? How many have survived for denying 'prophets', who merely represent Him? Is the message still not clear?

d  have we made  sure that our sacred zeal and fervour is not in fact our crass mindlessness and prejudice ?  And what we consider our sublime missionay zeal is nothing more than our tribal loyalty with something obscure and communal  ? Are we caught in traps of centuries and centuries of  legacy. it is desirable, necessary and possible to free oneself of all this obscure baggage. And there is no shame in trying to off load it and lighten yourself of the burden because everyone is either carrying it  proudly and has carried it some stage or the other. You are one the very few and lucky and brave ones who consider this baggage a burden and cast it away, while most others proudly carry it as a trophy, much like the donkey who carried water-soaked cotton.

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