Monday, June 16, 2014

Roaring winds and the little glow of love -Hazel

"The roaring winds of hatred that storm the busy streets of this city often appear to blow out the relevance of the little,weak glow of love. These are testing signs,my son, and this is a difficult city to live in, yet stay with faith. If you have loved and placed that love above your desire for achievement and possession, you may still lose, but then you would have lost on the side of truth. And that's the only meaning of love.There will be peace even in defeat. But if if you are still hurting, look within yourself , really look within yourself to make sure that your love is not a mere desire for attainment, vindication and, may be , just an urge of the emperors to possess and rule.That thorn has never left the hearts of even the greatest victors - or even lovers.Watch out. "

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