Wednesday, June 18, 2014

God and my convictions: A frame on a highway crossing

To things  which others believe in  but we don't even understand, there  can sometimes  be explanations other than foolishness of others. I have often found it worthwhile going beyond the obvious  temptation to be dismissive on everything that is beyond my comprehension. For instance,on God, I do not know enough to say with confidence that I believe in Him. ( Yes, there is an experience of faith which I still find interesting and sweet.) But then i know even less to be able to say why one shouldn't believe in Him. And even lesser about what it is in it that interests  some  of the greatest minds we know.  So what I do is just place my doubts and my beliefs in a frame, place that frame  on a highway crossing, withdraw from  it and watch what passers-by observe in it and how they react to what they observe. It may not yield much understanding about what lies within that frame. But it still throws interesting scene of what lies outside the rims. It  may still not tell me much about the frame  but it will still show me a lot about how others see in it  . And for one who loves reading and writing, this is a fascinating experience and not a dull hobby at all.

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