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About to shake hands with God, looking over the edge to the other side of Big Bang

Are we about to shake hands with God,on the other side of Big Bang? Wither Future >>>

June 26, 2014 at 6:38pm
For the most part, the remaining history of mankind here will be a race between education and catastrophe. If education wins, we will gain sufficient peace to engage undisturbed in pursuits that may take us to the next level of creation and thus free us from the constraints of the fate of our planet, which must die a natural death a few million years from now .

As we all know , the Sun and its system have a very limited life span - at the most 5 billion years after which it will "bloat up" like a decomposed body and gobble up surrounding planets. That will mean the end of all life in Solar System. At our present level of scientific advancement, there is not a a dream within a dream  within a dream of a possibility of human being able to stop this inevitabled death of the Sun and its children,including earth, and her children - man,  beast, insects, birds, blossoms  and women (:) ) .

In fact, that  will happen much earlier than the death of the  grand savant, the Sun. Life on earth has a maximum of 1 million years of drama left, and human will go out even earlier than that, with sub-microbial life alone surviving a little longer.

Even this relatively secure tenure  depends on whether  Nature is allowed to have its full itinerary. But we all know that human have displayed the insincts of destructive infant in tearing apart Nature's calendar.

If this continues to happen, then our drama might last anything between six months to six decades. With all the nuclear stockpiles ready to kill all of us at least ten thousand times over, even six months looks foolishly optimistic.

This should take us back to the opening para: its race between education and catastrophe.

If education is allowed to win, then who knows, human mind may yet reveal forces that lie concealed and buried under the weight of un-evolved organisms within our head.We may then be heading not only towards scientific gadgets that can boost the speed of light a thousand or a even a million times over but even make human bodies irrelevant by digging deep into mental or even spiritual versions (energy)    of our bodies ((incarnations) - matter), and help  us travel through vast intergalactic and inter-stellar spaces  at speeds not of light but of mind. Who knows we are sitting on the edge of finding out the secret of all secrets - why the speed light ought to have a limit.That may be the just a logical next stage of breaking the sound barrier: breaking the light barrier.
At this stage of our evolution, all that human imagination permits us is to persuade Albert Einstein to allow us a revision and update the General theory of Relativity and travel at speeds greater than the speed of light. And once we have persuaded this incredible agnostic Jew to alter his theory a bit, it shouldn't be really much more difficult to persuade God to change his mind and allow to play not dice but ping pong with astrophysics and erase the invisible boundaries that divide physics is and astrophysics from metaphysics.

There is a minor problem here.And that problem is our physicists who are convinced that the laws of Nature,once set at Big Bang, are not subject to change. ( They obviously haven't met a woman all their lives!!)  But ponce we have persuaded God to allow us to go to the other side of Big Bang and re-wind evolution from a different starting point, we can  move next to physicists.

Seriously, the question of a limit to the speed of light has to do with the nature of matter that we deal with. (And that includes energy also, because that too is only energy placed for a few hours in the top drawer of our kitchen refrigerator: matter is energy frozen to concrete just as ice is moisture frozen to brick.)

The next stage of human research will not be to understand the nature of energy but to change it. The moment you have changed the nature of energy, you have re-written the mind of God.If  energy begins to behave as we want it to behave, then there is nothing that can disobey us.The limits to speed will be broken - and how! At present, even travelling at the speed of light, you will need a million year to move from one stellar world to another . And there are trillions and trillions of these worlds, each one so large that the combined storage of all human minds that have ever walked this earth and all that are likely to walk can not visualise its limits and range.And we are dealing not with one but trillions a upon trillions of such worlds, each world made of  billions of universes, each universe made up of ......

(By the way, much of this was already known when Guru Nanak Dev ji.went into that rapturous rendition: paataala pataal lakh agaasa agaas..)

 Human mind,like everything else, is itself a mere byte of energy. Can a byte of energy transform, influence, conquer all energy ? Its like a little fragment of broken glass. Can that little fragment mirror a large broke fragment in it? Can it also mirror a trillion such fragments if placed at an appropriate angle and an appropriate distance? Can you see the whole sky reflected in a mirror which is a centimeter wide and half a centimeter long? can you see all the triilions of universe angled into that small fragment of mirror? Will the mirror refuse to picture what ti sees,provided the angle and distance are right?  I don't know. I have never been a broken fragment of a mirror? Or haven't I really been? Haven't you been? From the way even the most idiotic of human brains can mirror the entire sky with all the starry fabric beautifully reflected even in each one of his eyes, who can tell? I can't. Gori de long vich rab disda.
From romanticism to mysticism is just one small step. From physics to astrophysics,just a half step. From astrophysics to metaphysics, its not even  a step: its a leap made without effort.

But I stick to physics,to energy and matter. If education is allowed a chance, the possibilities that await human mind can overwhelm God -- the God that you and I have enslaved, not the God of Einstein. To Einstein , God may have been a little playmate, playing dice, or refusing to play dice just because Albert told him not to.
But we are certainly on the edges of a cosmological Great Wall of China from where you can get glimpses of what lies on the other side of the Big Bang. We are sitting, to use Carl Sagan's expression, "the edge of forever."

It all depends on who succeeds: education or our obstinacy, education or catastrophe. Education is the little baby step which human love takes to move ovr a few thorns of ignorance, hatred, bitterness, jealousies and what not. Education  is love. Education is joy. Education is the beginning of understanding the joys of giving, therefore of love:
Vidiya Vichaari
Ta par upkaari>>>>>>>>>>>.

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