Monday, June 16, 2014

"Communal fanaticism is to religion what sexual vulgarity is to love." And Do I blieve in god? More Fb pics

1. "Communal fanaticism is to religion what sexual vulgarity is to love."

2.Do I believe in God? To answer this truthfully, I have to first answer another question, even more truthfully: what IS God ? And, quite honestly, I don't know the answer. Therefore, the only truthful and honest answer to the question whether I believe in God or not is: I am yet to find out what the question means.

Till then, I am searching for a road with sign boards such as Love, Compassion, Honesty, Service, Forgiveness - these are some of the sign boards that lead me to happiness.

3.. Someone asked me to add "simran" ( or sumiran) to these signboards. But I have not yet deciphered what that sign means, and have merely the vaguest of vague ideas on it. From what I see being practised in the name of "simran",I am tempted to stay away as of now.
4. At least for some of us, love is in us like a child is in a woman's body. Just like the expecting mother, we can hold our love back only as much as she can hold back her baby - only a risk to both the mother and the child.

5. I did switch my mind  off for a couple of  hours.......And back where we were.....It so happened that i managed to steal some time away from work and other commitment to scratch my brains.....and the way my brain is, once i tease it, it starts behaving like a school girl, never letting the eve teaser go away.

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