Monday, June 2, 2014

Note on a brave man without feet


I could roll all learning of my life into a little ball of waste paper, and toss it towards the ocean - in return for what the link below reveals. 

The aperture that opens on eternity of life's limitless vista still lasts barely a fraction of a second. In that fraction is revealed the astounding vision of a billion trillion laughing universes, mocking the shallow drama of our selfish pain.Why does the Buddha laugh? Why do the eyes of bleeding saints and seers and prophets reflect profound calm and peace and even bliss, even as their biographies are written in wood and nails. Spare a little heart-beat...a thought is worth nothing.

Spare a heartbeat ..don't spare a thought; in fact, keep the thought to yourself. And just keep in mind: it is not about human courage alone. Here is a scripture on celluloid .And this is not the only one out there. 

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