Monday, June 30, 2014

Price tags on moon

"This life refuses you nothing but it gives nothing free. Its like a vast bazaar. Everything you want to buy is on offer. But everything has a price tag. There is no harm aspiring for the moon. Even moon is on offer. But check the price tag . If you really want something very badly, be prepared to pay the price: it will be yours. Otherwise, too, do not fret and fume. Just walk through this Mall, window-shop and entertain yourself. And be happy for those who can buy what you can not. Ordinarily, there are only two ways to be happy here. Either desire big and work hard to increase your buying power. Or check your buying power and peg your desires accordingly. Other than health and happiness, everything can be had off the shelf. For health and happiness, you must go to a different bazaar and be prepared to pay a different price. But price tags are unavoidable."

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