Wednesday, November 23, 2011

voice of battle scarred warrior of love

No one cries in love -- except in very extreme situations like the physical loss of the dearest one. Desire is pain, we generally cry not in love but in 'desire'. in love we always laugh because love actually means being happy to give -- always. i have been through intense agony and sublime happiness , through consuming desire and sublimely uplifting love ... I think I know a little bit. Once we have a crossed a certain ego and desire barrier, love is really all about giving -- even in active relationship. The happiness one seeks in being near one's loved one soon refines into a sentiment in which sings forth .." khilaao phool kissi ke, kissi chaman main raho -- jo dil ki raahon se guzri hai wo bahar ho tum......And please keep in mind, this is not the voice of a teenaer in love but a mature battle scarred warrior of love ...

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