Saturday, November 19, 2011

Girls are stronger than boys, and possess a more steely spirit than most of our famed male icons of strength do.

On an average, Girls are stronger than boys, and possess a more steely spirit than most of our famed male icons of strength do. But this comes out mostly when they are confronted with a challenge. Generally speaking, even the strongest, toughest and most successful of girls secretly crave for some pampering, patronizing and loving male presence in their lives -- the warm security of assurance of two strong and genuinely caring arms around them. This does not speak of any emotional weakness in them; it is just how they look at life and how much more store they lay by deep and secure human relations than we menfolk generally do. Men generally mistake this emotional preference in women to mean a certain weakness in them. How wrong !

Any man incapable of instilling that quiet assurance, trust and calm security in a woman's heart has some serious problem with his being a man. Any man who does not enjoy loving and pampering a woman like she was at once his queen and his child, any man who does not value a woman's profound strength without making her depend on it is, in my books, not a man. Its good to know that a woman has in her those cool reservoirs of indefatigable strength, but its better to ensure that she does not have to draw on them.

Sabba: That only further proves the point...with or without men, women deserve respect -- and love. The ability of men and women to do without each other is not the subject here, though. Nor is the gender race. In fact, it calls for greater strength of character for both to live together than to live apart, but then the rewards are also greater -- or so I believe. I doubt Sabba ji if even you do not enjoy your femininity and the subtle joys of being a woman - with or without men. And no, I am not talking about gender differences here but only of the beauty that a man and a woman can vest on a relationship. That many of us don't actually end up doing so is no argument against that beauty. If anything, its an argument against our failure. Bad marksmanship does not prove a goal wrong. That said, you occupy a very special place on my wall as in my esteem.

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