Saturday, November 19, 2011

Harman presents an opportunity to Punjabi

In the Young poet, Harman, I see a rare opportunity when someone in my mother tongue has a chance to emerge as the best in the world. i don't want that opportunity to be lost. It will be massive loss for my beloved Punjabi language -- as alss for the whole mankind. I don't know what I should do to help him to move to the next level now, but there are many who can help. Surjit Patar, for example. Patar is a gem both as a poet and as a human being. he is certain to love Harman. I am already having visions of Harman sitting at Patar's home, learning at his feet. Anyone else who takes pride in Punjabi language should also come forward to do his bit. Harman is a rare diamond that Punjabi language and mankind has stumbled upon. We owe it to posterity to value it. And those who can refine it should deem it their religion to do that.

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