Saturday, November 19, 2011

About media query on change of facebook name

You just can't have peace these days. Consider this: A correspondent of a major national daily today called me an demanded the REASON why I had discontinued my previous account on Facebook and changed my name to sunnymindcaves. He then rejected as "no reason " the reason I gave -- that I wanted to improve the visibility of my blog name, sunnymindcaves, and to carry my blog and Facebook activity under one name. I was "informed" that the real reason was that I had been "cornered" by separatists (Khalistanis) on my earlier wall. My pleas that most of those who allegedly cornered me there continued to be my friends on sunnymindcaves also and that everyone knew that it was my account failed to convince him that I was not running way from anyone, especially since everyone knew of my identity both with the old and the new names. He read fear in my pleas, which I had repeated a thousand times over, that --as far as possible -- I would like to keep political issues to be off my wall. I had also stated that it did not mean a blanket refusal. He also quoted from one of my posts in which I had said that everyone who once supported Khalistan was now supporting their then hero - Manpreet . The reproter said that this was 'slanderous'. I did not know till then that separatists considered it a slander to be called a separatists. Nearly half an hour into our telephonic conversation, he told me that it was being recorded, and saw nothing unethical in recording it without my knowing of it in advance. The REASONS why I mention it here are two: one: should I reactivate my previous account, which the reporter almost "challenged" me to do ? And two, should I withdraw my request that as far as possible,issues of political acrimony should be avoided on my wall ( no blanket ban , however)? Advice solicited from friends, including those who had "cornered" me . Is someone listening ? ( By the way, the call I took was at a time when I was going through some deep emotional turmoil, not related to politics.

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