Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Hell hath no death colder than a woman turned cold

A man must understand that when his woman fights with him over perceived neglect, she is not necessarily telling him she doesn't love him. In fact, quite often she is quarreling BECAUSE she loves the man, though she does take the quarrel to a point where such a conclusion would be impossible to sustain. But wait. Even a girl who might be about to bleed you with her nails or tear your clothes apart might be trying to tell you something different from what you see in her actions.And don't be surprised if she spurns your conclusion that she hates you and turns around in anger again to tell, "That's all you see in my throwing myself at you, idiot? You must be the most insensitive man I would ever know. You can hear my swearing and you can see my scratches on your body, but you cant see anything else. You can't see how much someone wants to be loved? What a waste? What I a man I have staked such precious sentiments on? Go, please, go." But don't go. She doesn't want you to. She wants you to know why she is angry. She is angry-- too angry -- but she cares.

The only time a man should believe his woman doesn't want him is when she meets him with lethal indifference.Suddenly that shoulder would be death cold, that voice a distant drawl, that look a non-serious gaze into nothing, or perhaps interested more in reading a newspaper she has never cared to look at than in seeing the pain in your eye. It doesn't matter then and , for all one knows, you may be on your death bed: women simply don't care when they don't love.

Its different with men: they care a lot even when they are not in love. Generally speaking, of course. A woman in wrath is only half the fury that she is when she turns cold. Don't dread a woman's fury - that can be handled with love. But woman's indifference? You are a dead man,brother, if that what you are battling to remove. And I have seen some idiots lose a woman's love by neglecting her anger for too long -- only to reach a point where they wished the woman would at least slap them ! Once that point is reached, its no use regretting your blunders: once a woman is lost to the point of her indifference, she is lost.Period. The worst thing that can happen to a man is that a woman should deem him not even worth a quarrel.

And this today? I just went over some old stuff lying with me about a period in which a girl, a brilliant but simple ( read golden) hearted journalist, had fallen madly in love with a man, known to me.The idiot did not realise what had fallen in his lap and kept misbehaving. I kept telling the girl that a day would come when she would grow out of her 'passionate attachment'. She didn't believe me. Like Scarlet O'Hara , she kept saying she was going to love him all her life. I told her that that was the kind of love I believed in -- and thought myself capable of -- but that was notthe kind of love she was born for.

And the reason why I thought it worth a write here is the sudden awareness that I haven't heard from the for almost a year now --earlier, she would call me and talk to me for long hours almost everyday. The last I heard was that the girl is "too engrossed in her life to talk about such silly things." She has found a man whom she does n't love but whom she definitely finds a nice man'. ( I would never want to be a nice man to a girl of her fiery passions. i would either be the object of those passions or dead, never a nice man. Yes, I would be nice to all other women.

Moral: Never push a girl you love to the point of her indifference. When she is angry with you enough to say that she could killl you, tell her you love her and wouldn't mind dying at her hands. That's generally all she wants to hear. But don't say it if you can't be equal to your words later; that will not only dangerous - that will be downright mean.( Plus dangerous too: the girl could really kill you before she decides to turn indifferent.)

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