Tuesday, January 12, 2010

where sun goes bounding like a tennis ball

(One more)

OCTOBER 20, 2005


I have rolled my sun
towards you to wish you good morning
as the day here begins to wrap its
cloak to give way to another night.
The sun looks longingly at the footprints
it will leave to retrace its journey
next morning.
My West is his new East, and yours.
And your West will be his new East again, and mine.
So will this plaything amuse us kids
bounding like a tennis ball
from one East to another West, and
turn that West into his East.
So is the sun always rising
at some point or place, which is forever East.

I sit here on the parapetts
satisfied that like the sun,
I have not paused even a second
in my march forward
and how lovely that
my sweet weariness will melt
into thy sweeter freshness.......

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