Monday, January 11, 2010

To home and everywhereness............


November 9,2005

( Written for one who shed her blood to turn nightmares into dreams)
good morning to you because you have altered the daily cycle of the sun to make it morning
everywhere and always...

I m on my way already
and streching far and wide
on either side.....
the dew on the grass awaits
the maiden kiss of dawn
to melt and be lost in the
golden shower from the skies!
This is your hour o princess of hearts
for your love and prayer
are pregnant with faith and feeling,
with one soft stroke
devouring shadows of death.
The bells around the bullocks necks merge
with the stream of divine
melodies from His abode
and run playfully towards a horizon
that lifts it arms to let them pass
to home and everywhereness............

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