Sunday, January 24, 2010



Hazel's son then embarked on his long journey which would take him to the shores of oceans seen only in a half-dream. He had one last look at the trees that had been his friends in childhood and in youth, the flowers he had laughed and played with, and for whom he had sung songs of love, life and mirth; the thorns that loved his tender flesh, the birds, the winds, the mighty river and the snow-capped mountains.

He gave them all a half smile, as much as to say, "A sweet time it has been watching the million colours of the rising and the setting suns in your enchanting world. But lonely spaces and hungry voids await me. I must rise and go now on my journey beyong the speeding horizons. Every silent and still midnight, my love for you will travel towards ths world on quivering tendrils of light. There is pain in my heart at this unhappy parting but no bitterness. I have been punished for my sins and there is no more burden of debt on my soul. I depart as I came - with love in my heart."
The wind tugged at his fluttering ears and he was reminded of his journey again. Slowly, he trudged out of the little corner of the forest that had been his village. Thoughts of future perturbed him, but something within him said, "Future is nothing but your present revealed."

And he was gone
, disapperaing into crimson dust rising against the setting sun across the forest boundaries.

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b&b said...

Mother to son, soul to soul, let the light lit the light while Hazel's son continues his journey to find himself.