Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Love in your heart is your only access to Godliness

There is note somewhere here by friend Anil Sharma about moderate Islam.....Please do not identify terrorism, extremism or moderate conduct with any particular religion . We already know about some Hindus, some Sikhs, some Christians and some Muslims indulging in violence , including terrorism, and yet all of these religions have also produced great men and women who were not only moderate but also great lovers of humanity. To call any one religion either moderate or immoderate is a sign of immoderate approach by itself. I suffered from this malady till my mother guided me out of it with the help of Gurbani, the Gita, the great mystical works of Kabir Sahib, Farid Sahib, Bahu and the example of Jesus. The love in your heart is your only access to Godliness. ...Santan kahio pukaar.

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