Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Analysis and Understanding --

Analysis and Understanding --

by Harcharan Bains on Thursday, February 24, 2011 at 11:50am

(In response to a query by Gurbrinder on "strings to fragrance" note

Questions are always more exhilarating than the quiet bliss of understanding. I passed through this exhilarating stage early on in my graduation years. Then, I would find myself in disagreement with all established truths or everything that was spoken in my presence or all symbols of authority. As a stage, it was a necessary stage, and even enjoyable. It made me feel special when even an authority on Shakespeare would be struck dumb by the barrage of questions that my ignorance would throw at him. I look back at that phase in my progress with amusement -- and forgive myself and move on.

No end to questions, if the idea is not to understand but to analyse -- even honestly analyse. To a mother, a child is not a biological fact, but an emotional truth. She accepts it and in her acceptance finds peace and happiness that you and I can not even understand. I can spend donkey's years in trying to convince her that there are others more worthy of her love than her child, but the one who needs help in that case would be me , not her.

In simple words, if we want to understand something, we will find understnading cruising to us on the wings of breeze. But if we have a pre-wired penchant forsomething other than understanding, nature will help us in achieving that too, but at the cost of understanding. Street smartness and wisdom are different things, and both have their merits. But one must not be confused with the other.

And now please , let us not start another smart debate on "how can one understrand without asking the right questions." We know , we know.

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