Friday, February 25, 2011

Govts, revolutions and individual enterprise

1. Governments pretend to act from the heart they seldom have; revolutions pretend to be led by brains they seldom have. Both can be equally bloody in crushing individual initiative and free thought. Revolutions are even more intolerant of dissent than government are.History of all revolutions is proof of their heartlessness. And in any case, most of today's governments are nothing but yesterday's revolutions.

governments and revolutions have a vested stake in each other; each frightens the innocent people with the specter of the other.

2. Lets face it.All segments of society, including the governments, often become a part of the problem they are expected to solve. But in the absence of any alternative system, they are our best available bets. A government-- an government -- is only one of the wings of society

3. Consider the two beliefs: a. We have a problem to deal with. b. The only solution it has is the one I offer. Now, if you don't know which one of these statements in fact defines the problem, you represent the third dimension of the trouble.

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