Wednesday, February 2, 2011

"And why is it also, that I seek the source of all my sin in my being a human

"And why is it also, that I seek the source of all my weaknesses and all my sins in my being human but apply not the same measure while judging those of others? I been unfair to those who did no wrong to me, unkind to those who loved me, indifferent to those who cared, indulgent to those whom I desired for whatever weakness in my flesh or mind even though they were unjust to those who loved me?" continued Hazel's son. "Why do I regard my murderous intent as human but even a slight mischief by others as demonic? Where is the source of all this magnetic dark hold of a force that does not permit me to free myself of this constricting shell? When will I gain my salvation? Who will redeem me if I continue to coin luxuriant terms to describe my wrongs?" When will I stop weaving this magic tapestry that continues to spread around me like a charmed force. I am lost, he thought, like a fly trapped in a spider's web regarding its tendrils as little paths while these in facts are the chains that bind him. There is no hope for me in this jagged dark. Nothing can salvage me from this hell that is closing in around me," this said, he thought of his mother. And he felt a burden begin to lift from his soul.

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