Friday, February 25, 2011

Invisible tendrils of affection

My students always gave and still give me such unquestioning love. One of the greatest sources of happiness to me has been the feeling that my students could always turn to me with their most private and personal problems and expect me to stand by them even if they were found to be wrong. This faith they -- both boys and girls -- placed in me I regard as the greatest honour bestowed on me in my life. Nothing I have ever achieved compares with that honour. And in the class rooms, I could always see and feel 'invisible' tendrils of affection reaching out from their eyes to me. This is an experience anyone would gladly sacrifice his life to get. As a teacher, no cause was greater to em than the love of my students. I am what they have made of me. And when find flaws in me, I feel I need to go back to mys students to repair that. The day these fountains of love dry up, I will be no more than an effigy.

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