Thursday, May 20, 2010

Hazel ed -- Star stuff and the Citizens of the Universe

A question of identity and identification.
(From Facebook interaction)
Sonu Jasmit Dosanjh : But i am not an indian or a punjabi but the citizen of the world..... With apologies to Socratese.... What abt that ;-)·

Harcharan Bains @Sonu Jasmit Dosanj: We are all citizens of the world.And that does not mean being a citizen of this planet alone but being star stuff, a molecular representation of the vast cosmos. No one knows where exactly did the molecule thats you and me originaite after the Big Bang, hhow long did it travel like sea farer across galaxies and milky ways , ... See Morepassing through how many supernova -- each one of us, as Carl Sagan, is star stuff seeking the stars.That said, each one of us is also a forceful identity -- in fact, each one of us is a multi-identity. At one level, you are just you, Jasmit Dosanjh , son of so and so, resident of such and such village or town, speaking such and such language, beleiving in such and such faith, having such and such colour of skin .. and so on. On another level, we submerge all these identities to take on a new, vast identity - being a citizen of the world still being just a few steps short of identifying with the cosmos. Each one of us breaks the shackles of provincialism of intellect to disperse in the limitless existence known as nature, cosmos and a thousand other names -- one which is God too. It is our pleasure and privilege to nurtue each one of these identities.All citizens of the world also ahve names which are distinct from one another -- names, relgions , provinces, colours, creeds, countries, sub-contnents , continents etc.Preserving these multiple identities ---every proud Punajbi is also a proud Indian and every Proud Indian is also a proud citizens of the world; one identity does not contradict the other, if our approach to their preservation is enlightened and not a victim of fanatical exclusivism or bigotry. Be proud of being a world citizen -- a cosmic molecular identitity and a complete idnetification witht eh whole universe is still better. But be proud of who you are without being contemptujous of who the other guys are. Do I get close to undestanding your question? (I wouldn't be presumptous enough to believe I ahve answered that. )Lets have others opinion too.25 minutes ago · Sonu

Jasmit Dosanjh Heh, well said! I agree!

Sonu Jasmit Dosanjh (again after a pause)

Hmmm first of all, well said n i agree whole heartedly but (there's always a but the qus is if it's a cute butt) i think the ques is which id do we give more imp to? R we punjabi first or indian first, r v indian first or world cit first (i don't have a prob w/ cosmics cuz i haven't met a martian who i didn't like, well not yet anyways). I think if we r able to merge all these ids n not have a quota sys of pref then we can have truly peaceful existance .

Harcharan Bains
@Agree. But again there is a but ...but we are all Martians, Venutians, Saturnians and earthlings at the same time, because we are just the scattered mass of the same zero singulaity that bombed at the big bang. The same star stuff everywhere. And I am talking only of astros-physics and not of mysticism which also has visions of reality in the same form

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