Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Politicos, bad girls and diapers

My class-mate and dear friend Dev Kaushal says,""Diapers and politicians need to be changed, often for the same reasons." True. And what about governemnt officers, officials, policemen, teachers, journalists, workers-shirkers, shopkeepers, babas, doctors, nurses, commission and travel agents -- in fact, any area of private and public accountability, Dev?" I remember a dialogue from a film --was it Dev Das ? Or Amar Prem ? No. --in which a character saas that a prostitutes are like drains which take in all the dirty waters so that the Ganga could stay clean and pure ; Significantly, politicians are sometimes compared with bad girls. What we find everyday -- even here on the facebook -- that people from all walks of life, who do not hesitate to turn to politicans for petty undue favours are the ones whoE pass jusdgements on the system. And politicians are the favourite punching bags of all the clases. NOTING WROMG WITH CRITICISNG THE POLITICIAN ; AFTER ALL, HE IS THE DECISON MAKER, AND THE BUCK STOPS THERE. BUT EH BUCK MUST START SOMEWHERE AND MUST THROUGH ALL CHANNELS AND STREETS AND OFFICES AND FIELDS AND CINEMA HOUSES AND SCHOOLS AND COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES AND MEDIA HOUSES SHOPPING CENTRES AND MALLS BEFORE IT REACHES THE POLTICIANS. THE TROUBLE ARISES WHEN WE DECLARE THAT SINCE THERE IS A POLITICIAN TO BLAME, ALL THE REST OF THE SOCIETY MUST BE EXONERATED.
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Dhillon Amandeep
sir actually i partially agree with wht u sayin....i agree dat the buck mst start frm the beginin n mst pass on.....n evryone mst be filterd out of his role in society and mst be appreciated or criticized accordingly....but the problm here,specially in context with our scenerio is dat politicains themselves had created this kinda ... See Moreplz xcuse me for blamin them i ll xpalin how n wht i mean to say....u c apne politicians ne ikko eho jehi situation create kar ditti ae,jihde ch j kise nu sabh ton unrealaible te corrupt koi nazar aunda tan oh politicians ne....nodoubt lok beurocracy di gall v krde ne,baki departments di v.....but ultimately natija eh kaddheya janda....k corruptions starts from the laeder e na khan tan ehna di ki himmat.....ya fer hissa uppar tk janda....te eh statements pure taur te kite galat vi hai nhi....te duji gall sade politicians apni moral responsibiltiy ton khud hi dur bhajj gaye ne.....eho jehiyan statements da koi khulle aam virodh vi tan nhi krda?te oh ikk eho jehi jagah te khde ho gaye ne,jo aam lokan nu lgda k inaccesible ae.....te eh hai v shi....pehli gall aam lokan vang ya aam lokan vich vichran wali purane darvesh politicians wali rwait e khtam ho gayi ae.....ajj ik poltician da picchlagg chmcha v ane aap nu aam lokan ton uppar smjhda,te oh lal batti,vaddiyan status symbol bann gayian ne.....ehi haal netavan de rishtedaaran da....tan eho je hallat ch ik aam insaan sabh ton vadh kasurvaar politicians nu e manne,tan koi hairaani di gall nhi......te politician apne aap ch enne k powerfull haige ene ajj de system ch....k oh apne ya apne aale dwale de kamm asaani naal krwa lainde ne....aksar tusin vekhya hona k lokin apne kamm karwaun layi kise politicain nu e kehnde ne....te fer eh soch bann na v aam ae.....k j eh shi kamm krwa skde aa....tan galat kamm rok v skde aa,....te j nhi rok rhe tan ehi karwaunde honge.....?tan aaj di society ch burai da dhura politicain hi bann gaye ne....te m sorry to say bt eh gall j puri nhi tan atleast 80% sach vi main eh nhi kehnda k baakiyan nu jimmewari ton exepmt krdo,bt root cause tan bains saab ehi system ae.....te eh badlu v odon jad politicians apna behave te soch change kar lainge.....oh kehnde a na ke haathi de pair ch hi sabh da pair hunda......
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