Thursday, May 20, 2010

Hazel: "I will protect my God. " she whispered, almost in his ears:

Yesterday at 6:49am (Adapted from a message to DRHB)
He was tired but it was not the tiredness of a defeated man.He had been throuhg a long day of hope and, alhough all those hopes had not been fulfilled yet, neither had these been dashed. He was feeling very close to her, and as she looked far towards a moon which seemd to move slowly through the white clouds,he let his palm runs smoothly down her flowing hair, gently pressing against her back. She seemed to be oozing as much silent love as the moon was breathing out cool moonshine."HOw beautiful this life becomes," he began almost in an undertone, "when you and I think, feel and speak the same things.He paused a little, but then resumed in a voice which was hardly audible and soft " Its like a fresh fragrant breeze blowing through my soul.... you are so light, so sfot , so gentle a presence in and around my heart. I feel like I am secure in the arms of this "amniotic univrse". He was immediately reminded of a piece he had read somewhere where a famou science writer had sought to explain our whole approach to religion through the amniotic exprience of a newely born baby. "Everyman in the most profound moments of love feels like he has gone back in the amniotic sack of security.The woman he loves, the woman whom he would kill the world to protect is also at the same time the greatest source of strength and life and security to him," he felt he was echoing someone else's opinions. But so totally did he seem to identify tiwth these that that it hardly seemed to matter. ." I do not know if girls ever feel that way about the men they love -- for all I know, they do --but for a man to go through this feeling is the final announcement that he has surrendered himself at the doors of the woman he loves." i surrenderat your door thus. She took him in her arms and he sank his face in her lap"You have also been the strong arms around me all your life, " she murmered and brought her cheeks closer to his. There was silence of the mountians between them, a silence that acutally connected their souls.. And then after a pause, she whispred,".Where the rest of the world is concerned , you am the force they have to reckon with if they have to deal with me. ButI know that for now you want to be lost in the velvety comfort of this moment. And I love you even as I worship you," she said. And then, after a pause, " I will protect my God."

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