Friday, April 10, 2015


"I have always believed that whatever you do - work, study, labour, write, wash clothes, cook or plough - your work in hand is your jealous sweet-heart. it demands exclusivity. It demands total attention.It will not brook distraction. Distraction is to work is what "the other woman" is to a sweetheart in love. You are doomed. It will not brook neglect.If you neglect it, you will get what a neglected sweetheart will give you: ignore. Why should your work love you if you don't love it in the first place? But iif yyou love your work, you will find it gracious, magnanimous, so giving, so willing to surrender itself to you. What is true of love is even more true of work. in love, your beloved is your god. Your love is your worship. So it must be at work. And it is in this sense - and in this sense alone - that your work is worship.""
- (From a letter)

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