Thursday, April 9, 2015

Count of good and bad.. More snippets

If you have reached the age of 40, count the number of people who have been bad to you in life.
And tell me when you reach five.
Now, count the number of people who have been good to you .
And tell me when you think you can stop the count.
(In the second category, do not forget to include yourself and multiply it by the number of people you have been good to: that will give you an idea of how much goodness there really is in this world.)
(Fb April  2015)

How easy it is to get upset. And how much easier to realise one's stupidity in this and laugh at it."The job of a good person does not end with his being good. He has a responsibility also to bring out the good in others. The only way he can do it is by constantly removing the grounds for others to suppress goodness in them. The measure of a good person truly is the extent to which he is able to motivate others to be good to others."An invisible  fragrance hangs around good people and announces their arrival before they appear .

You and I together know so many good people in life that we have no right whatsoever to ever be cynical about the presence of goodness in this world. This is a most beautiful world , full of such beautiful and wonderful people in it. So many, that sometimes I truly wonder what did I do to deserve so many good people in my life. But it is such a blessing to have them around. ....And one benefit of having so many of them around is that even I have no excuse for being bad. Therefore, even when i want to do something not really good, i am stopped by the thought of these virtuous, lovely saints in my life.

  • Harcharan Bains There are countless good people I remember from our days together, and not a single bad person. I am sure ev en you will feel the same way
  • Harcharan Bains Baljit Balli: Over the years, I developed a very useful tactic. To end any debate, I would conclude by saying,"Everything is relative."

    Now, talk to me on any issue if you still consider it worthwhile.
  • Surinder Dosanj It is true you meet bad people lesser in number than good people but generally u do not forget the bad ones. Even people blame the God why this has happened to me. If they see around the may find the worse which others have suffered. That is general you and I may be exceptions.
  • Harcharan Bains Even on the day I don't remember a single person in all my life who may have been bad to me without my deserving it first. And then too I remember having been forgiven more often than punished for my own sins. Very rarely if ever I seen unprovoked bad deal towards me.
  • Surinder Dosanj I am indebted to Baba Farid he said Bure da bhalla kar gussa man na handai, dehi rog na lagai palle sab kuchh pai. I did my best to do good to those even who tried to harm me. But I have not forgotten them.Of course I did forgive them.
  • Harcharan Bains Surinder Dosanj You have been unlucky in life, obviously. You had to deal with people like me. I was lucky of course. I had to deal with people like you. 
    I think most of the people whom I came in touch with also practised Baba Farid and ohna ne bure da ( mera) bhala keeta.
  • Surinder Dosanj Sorry you are not in that list.
  • Harcharan Bains Surinder Dosanj Fortunately, there is none in my list of bad people. There are those with whom I have had misunderstandings. Generally, it turned out that the fault lay on my side. That is why I said I am lucky. I do know I am not on your list of bad people, and that is so gracious of you. Otherwise, jinna dukhi tuhanu main keeta, unna main kisse hor nu ta karda dekhia nahin.
  • Surinder Dosanj Ena sach na bol ke kala raih javen, char ku bande chhad lai modha den lai. I am proud that you have learnt a lot from life.
  • Harcharan Bains Surinder Dosanj

    Fikar hai je kar modhiaaN da, taan sir nu uthaana bhull ke jee

    Chhad Sach nu ya chhad modhe hun, ik paase ho ke khull ke jee
  • Surinder Dosanj Khul ke jeo par sir utha ke jeo. Loki chahe Jo marji samjhan par kade aapnian nazran vich na digo . Dunian di parwah na Karo . Dunia wale tuhadian achhaian vicho v buraian labh lainge. Bus sap narre giriban men sir neevan kar dekh.
  • Harcharan Bains " Dunia wale tuhadian achhaian vicho v buraian labh lainge.".....I only keep praying that I might not be the one who finds evil even in others' virtue. One benefit has been that I have seen limitless beauty in life and it continues to be full of wonderful, beautiful people. Its a world to which I owe far more than it owes me.....
  • Harcharan Bains Wonderful, beautiful people - beginning with Guru Dev....
  • Surinder Dosanj Kabi milna..I miss u

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