Friday, April 10, 2015

Saints and poets

"Every word with a heart is a scripture. But to know this, you must free yourself from the bondage of language and rise to the the infinite, the inexpressible. Only by rising above words do we realize how much is carried in their hidden wings.But to rise above words, you must first love them to the limit. 

Words can not be used. They can be romanced. In the end, all great writers are used by the words they think they write." 
"Saints and poets seek alike: they are both seekers of beauty. The medium of a saint is meditation on love. The medium of a poet is expression of love.But both are seekers of something hidden from you and I. " 
"Poetry is nothing but an ability to react to beauty hidden even in pain,or even under layers of ugliness. A poet's eye cuts through that ugliness and exposes to the sun the quintessential charm of things. That charm is often hiding itself beneath ugliness, using it as a mere camouflage. That is why a poet enchants you even when he writes about poverty, pain, squalor, evil and ugliness."
"A poet is not as much a writer as he is a reveller in truth - a truth he doesn't see but which he is convinced is hidden from his eye by some human failing. He celebrates his search just as much as he would exult over his discovery. Poets and saints both have an innate faith in God: only, their Gods are different. Different but no less real, no less enthralling." 

- (From a letter)

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