Thursday, April 9, 2015

God as a subterranean force

 I sort of do not believe in a God as an entity that overlooks things here or elsewhere....But yes, I do believe that both religiously and scientifically, it is possible to believe in a kind of subterranean force that runs through all things living and non-living. Call it energy, as phsysicists do, and I agree with them. Or call it "noor" - and I agree with that too.

But my optimism springs from a general faith that the scale of things between good and evil weighs in favour of good. There is no justification for such a faith. It is perhaps the hope of what Saroj Sanwali calls "child's heart."

I am happy to return to that heart - having travelled through youth, manhood and all, and having seen all the nooks and winding stairs in the caves.Its a childhood gained through exposure to all the perils and benefits of growing up. Its based on too much knowledge, not too much ignorance. I agree with your summing up of the situation and return to childhood only after travelling through all those perils and seeming benefits of wisdom. 

But you are right that this optimism is threatened by "the tribes of fanatics and lunatics make this optimism nearly impossible.

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