Thursday, April 9, 2015

lingering remannts of winter.... More snippets

On a self pic on Fb

1. Before a final adieu to the lingering remannts of winter....

2. To Parveen Sethi: The poetess at work - giving even my words a context beyond their intent. The job of a poet is to constantly enlarge the realm of human imagination touching words with an inflammable magic. Thats what you just did, Parveen ji

3.Suddenly, an ordinary pic is made immortal by the touch of a poetess. (Now you know who should thank whom.)

4." Carl Sagan once wrote that man has created enough WMDs (Weapons of Mass Destruction) to demolish this world many times over. And , he said, all it requires is one accidental switch of a button by anyone in a government or one rogue element anywhere outside the government to bring this world to an end within minutes of the first flash.
And yet Sagan remained optimistic about the destiny of man, not only on the earth but - if he survives his own lunacy long enough - even beyond this planet.
And despite daunting odds, I remain an optimist too, not only about the destiny of man but also about his intrinsic nature - which, in any case, is what will prepare the script for his destiny."

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