Friday, April 10, 2015

Students as Gods

As a teacher, the only God I recognised were my students. Since I did not believe in worship, I chose to love them. My love for them was my worship, my prayers and my eventual salvation.
Years after I have left the profession ( as a job), I still see faces of my students reel before me as images in a movie flashback - fresh, refreshing, so lovable, so full of love, and so uplifting. I am what I am as a human being because of my students and because of my mother.
I never believed that my job was restricted to those 45-50 minutes in the class room. In fact class room was not my temple. That was merely a ritual which I performed like an unenlightened priest. My real affair with my students was an affair round the clock that kept no time table.
In return, students gave me what God should give: limitless joy, bliss and an opportunity to discover beauty, life and love,. They allowed me -- enabled me - to expand in love. My career as a teacher was nothing but a romance with my students- and the romance continues.

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