Friday, April 10, 2015

As Vistas before a speeding astronaut ..

In trying to remove bitterness from the minds of others, you are taking on a task which may be too daunting for human effort. There is another way to achieve the same result - more direct and far more simpler, because it is limited to improving just one person: yourself. The best and often the only way to put an end to the cycle of hate and bitterness is to focus on its source: your mind. Let love flow into your heart. It is something that happens naturally, automatically. Do not put hurdles in its way. Once love enters your heart, the world begins to- glow., You may not believe it, but the energy that your own heart radiates transforms everything around it.
In short, the light that illuminates the whole universe spreads from a small corner in your own heart. There is no light too a closed eye; there is no love and beauty to a closed heart. Open up and you will see a universe of stunning beauty opening up before you- just as vistas open up before a speeding astronaut. ".
-- From a letter

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