Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Would I want to be born again? No, except if....

Thoughts from a brief breather from battle-field ........

Would I want to be born again? NO. I found so much love in my own heart and in the hearts of everyone I met that I wouldn't want to risk ruining even a part of it a second time. Who knows the second time may not be as good as this one. Yes, there was pain,..and Yes there was struggle ..And yes there was poverty..And the suffering I saw my mother endure quietly and with a smile and compassion for everyone..Yes, there were years and years when I was n't sure I would find a job. Yes, there were pangs of love. Yes, there was all this. But with all this, there was a magnificent backdrop of love and compassion held up by the dainty fingers of my mother to ensure I didn't lose faith in the goodness of others and of life. And there was love all the while shining through the darkest hours, even through the zones when my own petty thoughts and actions rendered me unworthy of this bliss. Yet, life's been one long call for gratitude.

But no, i wouldn't want to chance it on a second throw of dice. No I would n;t want to be born again - except if there is the same mother to uphold me against all the possible risks . And except if mother doesn't have to suffer the blows she had to in this life.

Thats the one thorn that pricks.

Plus that I wasn't worthy to be born to a Goddess.

But since that same Goddess dispelled all dark and bitter thoughts from my heart, I wouldn't want to make her labour over all this once again.

Thanks for being my mother, Ma. And sorry for the Cross you had to bear for us. The Cross that you bore with such grace it might even shamed whoever wrote the script of your destiny.

Pray for us sinners, now and at the time of our death.
Pray for us sinners."

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