Saturday, April 19, 2014

Words are everything

Words are everything...words and actions. Words, actions and the feeling and the thought behind them. Words, actions and the thought or feeling behind them in a world where all these have a context.All this plus how everyone else in your life views it. And then how you view the fact f how others view you. And you and others viewing each other must have some sort of emotional, psychological , physical and even spiritual backdrop. Without a backdrop, no spectacle has a character. Without character, nothing is either visible or intelligible. All this purifying panorama of mind, soul and body, all this landscape of bliss, peace and joy dispersed over all the beings of nature and all the nature of beings...What meaning would all this have without love, love that is not for this or for that, but just and overpowering force, a power, an energy that leads you forcefully yet gently, almost coyly int its kingdom without bounds where songs and music, gentle and energetic ... all this,my son, all this I pass on to you. let these words ring a music in your soul. let these words....Words are everything..

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