Saturday, April 19, 2014

I speak of voyages where winds dance..

"I speak of voyages where winds dance , one arm around the ocean's waist, while breeze tip-toes on sparkling curls of water, blowing kisses to shores. I, standing here on one shore, thirst even for a fleeting glance of the ships on voyage, a secret longing in my heart to board them , praying that some fellow travellers here - or pilgrims already on board - may beckon me close, stretch those dainty slender fingers my ways, or put a firm hand out towards me, hoist me on board and take me , a pilgrim among pilgrims, on a merry cruise to the horizon. They live on seas where horizons melt to the center of whirl-pools, and there, amid the roar of water grappling with water, the deep blue sings a rippling music, almost in silence.."

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